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It is a kind of relaxed tour with my experience that will make your time in Siem Reap Angkor pleasant and enjoyable.

Thanks for your Interesting in the truly amazing Angkor temples in Cambodia. I am licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Tourism as a Tour guide. I have worked as a Tour guide, Interpreter and driver in Cambodia for ten years. I have worked as a Tour-guide, interpreter and field supervisor on the Angkor project, an Australian-French-Cambodian archaeological team that is investigating the fall of Angkor using a range of different methods! And my range of experiences with 'hands-on' archaeology means that I am able to offer the trip services in Cambodia to all the guests from the beginning of the trip to the end of the trip with comfort, confidence honesty and reasonable prices.

My Activities Services available:

Tour guides Services:

  1. German speaking tour guides
  2. English speaking tour guides
  3. Spanish speaking tour guides

Transportation Services:

  1. Car toyota camary (4 seats) with Air-con
  2. Car honda CRV (4 seats) with Air-con
  3. Car toyota camary lexus (4 seats) Air-con
  4. Mini- van (8-15 seats) with Air-con
  5. Buses (25-45 seats) with Air-con

Accommodation Services

  1. Booking Small hotesl or guest houses
  2. Booking Hotels ( 3 -5 stars)

Tour Guide Services:

Cambodia is currently attracting more Visitors to see the cultural sites. some visitors like to do the tour by their own and the others like to be accompanied the tour guides as they feel that the sites as well as the temples, full of mystery are huge. and the others decide to get a tour guide to talk and tell them the history of each temples as well as other things they like to know. and especially they want to avoid the crowds during their visiting time and also want to have a good spots taking pictures. So the tour guides are as the spirit of the sites. I am pleased to offer my services as a tour guide to guide you and describe the histories of all the Temples in Cambodia and assist you at all the time during your trip in my country, such as guiding you to the places where you want to go and also make the different Tour itinerary in order to avoid the crowds during your visiting times in in Cambodia. especially as a private tour guide, as a Assistant for any Academic, Development, Film or TV

About Tour guiding

I am a licensed and accredited German, English and Khmer speaking tour guide. Only licensed and accredited tour guides are allowed by the authorities to guide visitors within the temples. Tour guides are responsible for ensuring the success and enjoyment of every aspect of your tour. As an expert on the temples and archaeology of Angkor, I can fill you in on the rich histories of the temples and tell you everything you need to know about Cambodian culture and society, past and present. As a tour guide I will take you through the temples personally, explain the meaning of the carvings, sightseeing and inscriptions on the walls, and describe you about the amazing architectural forms of the temples and what they all represent. We can take one of the standard itineraries of Angkor which includes all of the well-known temples, or I can design one specifically to suit you. I have worked for many years on archaeological projects and can provide unique insights into the nature of the archaeological landscape at Angkor, including the water management system, the ways in which people lived within and beyond the temples, and up-to-date theories and research about Angkor which haven't made their way into any of the guidebooks yet.

There are plenty of activities in Siem Reap beyond visiting temples, such as tours in helicopters, ultra light plane, horse-riding, visiting the floating villages, and visiting Organizations which contribute to the development of Cambodia. I can organize any of these things. I can also arrange for shopping and souvenirs if you want, and accommodate special requests for visiting local communities, watching rice harvesting in action, making 'behind-the-scenes' visits to craft workshops, and take you around to the various museums in the Siem Reap area. The best thing is for you to contact me directly so we can discuss exactly what it is you're interested in, and we can take it from there.

Special Services

To ensure a viability please Contact me as far in advance as possible, because I still work very closely with Archeological Team at Angkor so it helps to catch me before my Schedule become to busy. Thank you so much for your interesting Tour in Cambodia. and my special Services as: Tour Guide, Translator and Interpreter for TV crew or Fieldwork, Journalist and others.

Specialist Services

I have worked as a field assistant and translator for a range of different, worthwhile projects in the humanities and social sciences for Australian and American teams in Cambodia. I have references from these Organisations which I can provide on request. Please contact me to discuss whatever your requirements might be, from single-day opportunities to longer-term contracts for field research.

Note: All Types of drivers for Visitor are not authorized to guide Visitor in to the Temples. If you need a Tour Guide who speak your Languag. please contact me by my E-mail address or call me by my Telephone numbers (+855) 12 394 464, so we can start to discuss what your requirements are! for more information please mail me at keoyan9@yahoo.com thanks.