Tour and Price

Affordable, Reasonable, Lower Price Guarantee with Service Satification.

Reasonable Price and  good Service

Probably the best thing to do is contact me directly with your requirements so we can discuss all of the available options. It's much better to design a tour based on your budget, schedule and requirementsso that I can ensure a truly personalized experience and maximize yourenjoyment and appreciation of the temples at Angkor. Having said that,here are some guidelines for prices (all in $USD) for you to work with and consider:

 Tour guide and Transportation Fee:

  • $45/day : for German Speaking tour guide
  • $35 day : for  English Speaking tour guide
  • $30/day : for Car (4 seats)with A/C 
  • $35/day : for Van (12-15 seats) with A/C

Special price

From May till september for the low season only, Spend three days with us visiting the temples in Angkor Complex with comfortable car and knowledgeable  German, English tour guide fee just only: 

For German speaking tour guide fee:

  • $220 (us dollars) for two person or three person (three days with car and guide included)

For English speaking tour guide fee:

  • $200 (us dollars) for two persons or three person (three days with car and guide included).

Other options: Inbound package is available too.

Additional charges for the transport to places like the followings:

  • $35 for trip to Beng melea for a car & a van
  • $20 for trip to Beng melea for tuk tuk.
  • $25 for trip to  Kbal Spean. for a car & a van
  • $15 for trip to Kbal Spean for tuk tuk   

Entry to the Temples

Unless prior arrangements are made, you will need to cover your expenses on the day (food, drinks etc) and also your admission to the various temple sites. At the time of writing, the admission fees per person were as follows:
Angkor Archaeological Park (almost all of the temples of Angkor incl. Angkor Wat, the Roluos group, and Banteay Srei and kbal spean; for exceptions see below)

  • $37 for a one-day pass
  • $62 for a three-day pass
  • $72 for a one-week pass
News: the temples entrance has just changed its policy. There is another option for visitors who do not want to spend consecutive days at Angkor and wish to stay much longer and want to do more things in this town.


  • buy one-day pass is considered the same like one day
  • buy three-day pass will valid (any three days in a week or the consecutive days)
  • buy a week-pass will valid (any seven days during a month or the consecutive days)
  • Beng Melea/Addimission per person $5 for a one-day pass
  • Koh Ker/ Addimission per Person $10 for a one-day pass
  • Phnom Kulen/ per person
  • $20 for a one-day pass if purchased at the ticket booth near Phnom Kulen
  • Banteay Chmar $10 for a one-day pass
  • Preah Khan of Komong Svay $5 or a one-day pass
  • Admission fees are not an issue for your driver because he/she will not accompany you into the temples, and you don't need to pay for admission for your tour guide either (Cambodian nationals are allowed to enter all sites and temples for free). See the menu at the left for descriptions of the services and the places mentioned in the text above.

My extra services are

  • free drinking cold water
  • free cold towels
  • gasoline
  • road toll
  • parking
  • our own expense